Promotional Webportal – JC Superior Siding


As a firm that offers installation of wide range of high-quality sidings, eavestrough professional installations, soffits and fascia and aluminum capping, having a website is a must. So we had the challenge to develop a website that will improve the user experience and will ensure that each customer selects the right products for their construction needs.


The solution for this project was modern, high-quality web-portal. We choose a design that best suited their product portfolio ultimately enabling the visitors and potential buyers to see the product of their liking and contact JC Superior Siding Inc for further information and potential collaboration. With this website, potential clients can visually see their products collection shown in many image galleries.

Technology used

The system has been designed, architectured and developed in PHP Technology, utilizing HTML5 technology for a rich experience, deployed on Tomcat application server.

Type of services provided

  • Project Management;
  • Portal requirements analysis;
  • Detailed design and development of web-portal;
  • Web-portal development;
  • Quality testing;
  • Technical support ;
  • Development of training materials for the portal-administrators;

Link to website: