Traikovski – eCommerce Platform


Located in Fashion District, Manhattan Traikovski Interiors has a full offering for home remodeling including murals, wallpapers, wall coverings, tiles and etc. To support their extensive needs of selling their product globally we developed e-commerce platform.


The e-commerce platform not only enabled to present their products on a professional, modern and easy to navigate website but also enabled to fully support their needs to sell the products worldwide. For every product, Traikovski Interiors can enter the price, product specification, and unique product number to have a track of their products. The visitors on the website can browse the products, choose the color variation, pay for the products and enter their shipment information.

Also, the platform offers additional rich possibilities for the client like:

– Having real time insight into the stock level;
– Up Sale;
– Cross Sale;

Technology Used

The system has been designed, architectured and developed in WordPress, utilizing PHP, HTML5, and CSS3 for a rich experience, deployed on Tomcat application server. The Commerce platform is built upon the Woocommerce structure, and the import of the products is done via custom Java application.

Database: MySQL

Additional tools: Image optimizer; Browser automation;

Link to website: